The “Executive Summary” (AKA “Executive Profile”) is typically placed below the resume’s headline or title. This brief section consists of one or two short paragraphs or several bulleted statements condensing for employers your breadth of experience, major areas of strength, relevant highlights from your background. The summary should project your brand message, and is the perfect place to really “sell” yourself. If done well, this section should convince an employer to contact you for an interview.


Your summary should explain how an employer would benefit by hiring you. It should encapsulate the key strengths you bring to the table and convincingly address why you should be called for an interview vs. your competition. Keep your summary concise. You’re not telling your life story here. Just hit on whatever elements from your background are most compelling in terms of your new career target. You will expound on these strengths later in the resume. Summarize your most marketable traits, experience, and credentials.


Before you begin your executive summary section, make sure you have a solid grasp of what employers are looking for in your targeted field. Research job ads on the web or in the newspaper similar to what you are looking for to identify the key skills and credentials you offer that match employers’ needs. Compare the job ads you find and take note of similarities between your background and frequently requested/required skills mentioned in these ads.


Draw up a list of your top five to ten marketable skills and accomplishments, and use this as the basis for your executive summary. Keep in mind that employers particularly value executives who can prove they have helped to generate revenue, enhance shareholder value, improve morale, save time, cut costs, improve service, solve problems, or further company goals. These traits are universally valued, regardless of the industry or field you are pursuing, so detail your most standout accomplishments in these areas in your Executive Summary.

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These 6 tips should help job/internship seekers to navigate through the site and use it to it’s fullest extent.

1) Complete Profile

A complete profile with authenticate details will make the application stand out to the employer. The site is specially designed to enable ease of use and write the description in four simple steps. An applicant with an incomplete profile may not look so suitable in the eyes of the employer.

2) Upload Updated CV and Attach a Cover Letter

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3) Select Categories

Please select the category of jobs you are interested in. This will help the Amar Career Team to notify you through mail when new jobs are posted at those categories. Use the ‘advanced search’ option in the site to filter through jobs. Select categories like ‘part time’, ‘full time’ etc. It is advised not to click on any salary range as most of the companies have a negotiable salary range.


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5) Get College/University Reference

Students can get reference from their respected colleges/universities directly through the site! Universities can create their profile and upload their intern list. The administrator of the university page can refer students directly through the site. An applicant referred by the college/university is bound to look more lucrative to the employer.


6) Consult the Amar Career Team

Take help from the dedicated helpline of ! Feel free to ask for help regarding any issues related to your career. Send a mail at or call us at 9880777 Ext. 102. You can also mail the facebook page and seek online career consultancy. A career consultancy tab will soon be added to the page where you can get immediate online consultancy!


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